Holiday luggage

What to take with you on holiday?


That is a ticklish subject. I know it depends if you are a man or a woman, but actually nowadays men care more for themselves.

Let’s go back to us, WOMEN…special, whimsical and hard decided.

What do we need when we go on holiday? Basic things, needed, like perfumes, makeup, skincare and hair products. No need for toothbrush or toothpaste, you can buy some on your way, only if you have your own special brush.

First of all, we need to take all our LINGERIE. I’m joking :))), but we need to take as many as we can, yet we must look beautiful starting from underneath. Of course, again, we can buy some from our holiday, but until then? :))))


holiday holiday holiday


The outfits should be useful, no need to take the whole wardrobe and use just a few. Take the essential.

Casual outfits are needed for day meetings, walks in the park or on the beach, for shopping…etc

Don’t forget 1 sport outfit for the morning fitness, you need to keep your shape and health under control.

Elegant outfits, you should take two, three, for all the nights spent on holiday. Don’t exagerate with complicated ones, so you don’t need to take too much care about.

holiday holiday holiday


You’ll need a pair of trainers for the morning fitness, some comfortable shoes for the casual outfit, like some sandals, plimsols, slippers etc and some beautiful high heels shoes for your elegant nights in town or island or wherever you decie to go on holiday.



You need just basic and more important jewels, mostly for your elegant outfits.

holiday holiday holiday

Yes it looks like 5-6 luggages but if you organise them you’ll see it’s going to be not more than 2. Anyway , we are WOMEN, we need to be all the time beautiful and ready for

Enjoy your holiday!


Photo: Alexandra Vacaroiu

Outfits: NoaNoa Chelsea

Location: NoaNoa Chelsea

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