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Following my advice to all of you : “don’t miss any opportunity to meet people, talk to them, listen to their stories”!, I’ve got an amazing collaboration with such a beautiful, romantic, bohemic clothing shop in Chelsea, London, on King’s Road, named Noa Noa.

The road, where the shop is situated, King’s Road, derives its name from its function as a private road used by King Charles II to travel to Kew. It remained a private royal road until 1830, but people with connections were able to use it.

Some houses date from the early 18th century. No. 213 has a blue plaque to film director Sir Carol Reed, who lived there from 1948 until his death in 1978. Thomas Arne lived at No. 215 and is believed to have composed “Rule Britannia” there, and many others…

During the 1960s the street became a symbol of mod culture, evoking “an endless frieze of mini-skirted, booted, fair-haired angular angels”.

During the hippie and punk eras, it was a centre for counterculture, but has since been gentrified.

Now it serves as Chelsea’s high street and has a reputation for being one of London’s most fashionable shopping streets.

There are celebrated boutiques including Granny Takes a Trip, The Sweet Shop in Blantyre Street just off King’s Road at World’s End and Stop The Shop, a fashion boutique with a revolving floor1, and among them there is a beautiful boutique for ladies and kids, with a warm atmosphere, friendly and welcoming, with chic pieces of clothing, choosed with love by the owner of the shop just to represent the traditional style of England, named Noa Noa Chelsea.

Noa Noa was created in 1981 by brothers Harald and Lars Holstein as a feminine and romantic alternative to the hard-edged fashions of the time.

The name Noa Noa means ‘simple and harmonious’ in Tahitian, and epitomises the feminine and bohemian Noa Noa universe. Incidentally, Noa Noa was also the name of artist Paul Gauguin’s muse.2

The collections are designed in Denmark at their head office in the idyllic surroundings of Northern Zealand and manufactured in factories around the world.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet this beautiful team, after the first LFW this year, and I was so exicted to make something new.  To challenge myself!

We ended up to some ideas, about few photoshoots with the new collections and last month we decided to organize a beautiful fashion event, after LFW, in their own boutique.

We’ve invited bloggers, friends and loyal customers to the event. Everybody enjoyed the afternoon in the Noa Noa‘s world, with a glass of prosecco or two :)

Thanks to our friends, Pink Parcel, who pampers yourself and makes your time of the month a little bit better, we treated  our guests with a nice goodie bag, which they’ve enjoyed it to the maximum :)))

Let’s have a closer look of the event!

Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa


Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa Noa

Photos credit: Dawid Groch Photography

If you like the shop, we invite you to get the bus and go to 308 King’s Road, to see Noa Noa‘s amazing collections.

We are going shopping!


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