Play with colors, whether you follow trends or not!


Whether you follow trends, you create your own makeup or simply always wear the same style of makeup, it’s important to know that in 2017 there are, in fact, three main directions to follow – one would be represented by nude makeup, glossy, which requires a flawless complexion, the second by  the nonconformist makeup, graphics, or with unusual details and the third direction is represented, as expected for summer time, by the colored makeup.

Because we love makeup with a touch of extravagance, I propose two unusual looks but slightly related, perfect to recreate for big day parties and not just. Here’s what I chose for you in the images above, I exposed the smokey-eyes makeup, but colorful. Why colorful? Because every time we think about the smokey-eyes makeup, we think about the dark tinted shades, which I usually recommend more for winter time. Trying to bring the spring sooner, I went straight to the colorful makeup but with a natural touch.

Warm season hardly makes its presence felt, low temperatures and raindrops lead us to think of autumn more than a sunny and colorful spring.

Like every year, at the beginning of each season, we are interested in the new trends in makeup, fashion, hairstyles.

Each season brings changes more or less obvious, but most of us carefully study every detail to be fashionable. It’s not necessary to keep up with all the changes, it is better to wear what suits you best, you should opt for those items which highlight yourself.

And when it comes to makeup we want to apply the colors and techniques of the season.

With a set of professional makeup products you will be able to realize the most beautiful and resistant makeup.

So let’s see which are the trends for this summer:

Natural makeup, always trendy – As in every summer, natural makeup is one of the most popular trends of each season. One drop of bronze is enough for any summer and looks much better than any other makeup. The only requirement is to have a flawless complexion, otherwise every imperfection is visible.

Colored eyelids – Summer means color, freshness, joy. Express all these through a colorful and lively makeup.

Shine for any party – When it comes to parties, this summer is compulsory to opt for a bright makeup. Don’t be afraid to stand out every time you go for a fun night out.

Lips plenty of color – This year your lip color does not matter as long as you applied lipstick. Whether you choose a color most daring and fancy, or opt for a wiser color, for a matte lipstick or a pearl touch, as long as you wear something you will be trendy.

Natural thick eyebrows – Thick eyebrows are back in trend this year. Try to keep your eyebrows look more natural. Summer means naturalness, color, courage, boldness and fun. Try to apply them when it comes to makeup and you’ll be glowing.

Play with colors!

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Credits for the photos

Editorial and personal fashion stylist Jitkamertova

Editorial & commercial fashion photographer Hollybroomhall

Photographer & Retoucher, owner of Simulacra Studio Simulacra_studio

Dress: Zara

Trainers: DKNYSophistik

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