Thoughts with Mihaela Marković

I had the pleasure, during London Fashion Week, to meet a very talented and inspired designer, who creates exquisite pieces of life. She shared with me some thoughts and I think her feelings are seen in her creations. Let’s take a closer look and see her beauties!

Hello Mihaela Marković



1. How did your project start?


There was excitement and a desire to influence someone’s thoughts, to challenge their established ways, to ignite a change within the whole industry.

I began already at NTU, finishing my Masters, writing up my business plan, I attended a 3-month entrepreneurship course where I learned the basics of starting your business. It was all very different from my studies, all numbers and facts and no imagination at all.

But I come from an entrepreneurial family and I have to say that made a huge difference because I understood from day 1 the mindset you have to have to make it all work.




2. What are the elements that differs you from other fashion designers?


The idea of sustainability is certainly not new, but what I’m doing is saying you can have those few pieces that grow on you, living your best moments with them or in them and they remain in this world even when you’re not here anymore. It’s quite a scary, morbid thought, but if you look at the bigger picture, it makes perfect sense.

When a woman who buys MM knitwear applies the same train of thought to other areas of her life, the way she deals with human relations, or if you think about our descendants, people that will inhabit this world after us etc. Maybe she will start thinking – what am I actually leaving behind? Did I make one step forwards in the evolution of the human race or did I -most probably-just make things worse for the ones coming after me, piling up ‘crap’ and not investing time and energy in what’s truly worth?

Another thing is the way I combine colour and all these improbable yarns- I’ve been told numerous times it is exquisite and definitely something fresh, innovative and new!




3. What type of customers do you address to? What kind of personality do you think it better suits your creations?


Above all, women who appreciate quality and are aware that making something takes time, patience and the know-how.

Women who want to be dressed well in any occasion, be it going to a fancy gala or to a local Tesco’s; women who are open-minded,  who have self respect but are also very self-conscious; women who know that being intelligent and dressed well is not mutually exclusive. A combination of all those qualities really.




4. Which are the designers, fashion websites, books and magazines that you love the most?


Miuccia Prada-her subversive fashion where nothing is quite what you would think it is.

I love Dries van Noten for example, and the world he created for himself, with his garden and his way of life that suits only him. I’d like to achieve that, my own world with my rules.

I would absolutely LOVE to collaborate with Tilda Swinton, she is a spring of avant-garde thought and I feel she would wear my designs in yet unimaginable ways.




5. When you are launching a new collection do you care more about the trends or more about your inspiration?


Definitely not trends! It actually happens very organically. I am a keen reader, I read a lot, and I love European cinema, theatre. I always carry a little diary/notebook where I write down my favourite thoughts or conversations I’ve had. Sometimes the whole idea comes out of something a friend said or I read, which most often doesn’t have anything to do with art or design. It can be about philosophy or physics.Something completely unrelated.

What is beautiful about my work, and about the world in general, is the fact that whenever we think two things are as disparate as they can be, there is a connection and a common trait between them. That is what I do, I link them together, either literally by combining unusual materials, using most improbable yarns, something no one would think of, or quite figuratively, by translating ,for example, a historical event into a new shape.

Fashion is about bringing a new way of thinking to the table. Pretty dress is just a tool, a way to express your thoughts, desires, to express who you are.




6. Which is the biggest mistake in styling for men and women in your opinion?


Following trends. Wearing something just because everyone else is.


7. What was the most important advice you have received at the beggining of your designer carrier?


Patience and perseverance.


Thank you dear Mihaela for this amazing experience and we are so happy to be next to you in this beautiful journey!

If you love Mihaela‘s work follow her on Instagram and Website.



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