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FOTO: Iulian Sandu

DRESS: Norina Stoica

LOCATION: Residenza Dutzu Braila


For a married couple, love goes through different stages over time, so people have found a certain name and meaning for each anniversary of their wedding. Who has not heard of the paper wedding or the silver wedding? Gifts received at the wedding anniversary can become particularly memorable memories.

The first year is the most sensitive, it is called the year of paper. The paper is very fragile, you have to “handle it” with great care so it does not break. Just as married newcomers have to go, for their relationship to pass the first threshold and … the time test. A well-dressed or well-decorated diary, a handmade picture or greeting card, a love letter, a book he/she longed for, are some traditional gift ideas suitable for the 1st anniversary of a your marriage.

Second year is the cotton year. Cotton is more durable than paper, as is the relationship between husbands at the second anniversary. The right gifts: bed linen, intimate lingerie, gown, slippers and cotton bath towels etc.


DRESS: Natalia Vasiliev

Cotton tiara: Beatrice Personal Florist


After 3 years, it is said that the relationship is already like the tanned skin, no longer breaking with one, with two. Suitable gifts for this occasion are clothing, footwear, bags, belts or wallets, even jewelry made of leather. A book or an notebook with leather cover, a set of desk accessories or a watch that has a leather strap, it also fits.

There are many ideas to help you find the perfect gift for a married couple in their third year of marriage. Doing my research I have found few interesting and bespoke leather gifts which will fit in the context of their love story.

Whether you look for leather gifts with initials embroidery or secret messages hidden inside bags, MAHI Leather has a complex selection of gift ideas. Have a look at their story about the leather in the 3rd wedding anniversary and see how amazing ideas can show off. Their leather items are made to order so personalizing them is very easy and it will look beautiful.



PHOTO: Iulian Sandu

SHOES: Cacharel

WATCH: Emporio Armani

BAG: Mahi Leather

CUFFLINKS: Montblanc

Every year is important in a relationship, especially in a marriage. New steps and decisions are made in life.

It’s been a long way since now, life in two is solid like a weave often woven and beautiful like a flower. 4 years together with new memories. His/her favorite flowers and a romantic evening prepared with the whole touch: tablecloths and cloth napkins with floral motifs, one flower next to each cutlery … or a bath with foam and scented candles and a bed that you sprinkled with rose petals are the best ideas.


PHOTO: Tutu Ionatan

LOCATION: Bora Bora Restaurant

Solid and flexible at the same time, however, wood has a weak point: burns lightly. That’s the marriage that came to the fifth anniversary. A piece of wooden furniture, wooden decorations, a picture of you in a wooden frame, a bonsai, or escape to the mountains in a wooden cabin would be great ideas.


PHOTO: Iulian Sandu

LOCATION: Residenza Dutzu Braila

PERFUME: Dior Poison

MAKEUP: Chanel

JEWELS: Folli Follie

And wow, here comes our anniversary this year, the sugar and iron year. Sweet like sugar and strong like iron is said to be life in two on the sixth anniversary. That is true I can say and I wish you all the same.

With or without candles…I am joking, of course with candles, it has to be with candles…a sweet, delicious cake, a dinner out in town, with red wine in a restaurant next to Eifel Tower in Paris…been there, done that…but good idea for all of you on your sixth anniversary.

We need to think about something else this year, it’s going to be in December…maybe in a warm cottage, next to the chimney in the mountains, who knows, we’ll see.


PHOTO: Iulian Sandu

DRESS: Norina Stoica

SHOES: Elisabetta Franchi

LOCATION: Istanbul

It’s not like, the other years that will come , are not important, but don’t want to spoil the surprizes I have for next years of our marriage and I’ll leave you to find out your own ways of celebrating your anniversaries.

Happy anniversary and love yourselves more and more.


PHOTO: Catalin Plesa



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